Is your deadline in New Zealand time, and does that mean I might miss it by a day?

No worries, we allow a short grace period (a few extra days) so that everyone, no matter where they live, can get their work to us by the deadline.


I have not heard back from Geometry about my submission. Does this mean 'no, thank you'?

Definitely notwe will get there! We are a small team and we receive a large number of submissions. All work is read carefully by our editorial staff, so please be patient with us. We will respond to every submission in time, and if a new issue has launched since you submitted your work, your piece will still be under consideration for a future issue.


Why do you charge a reading fee?

Due to the number of submissions we now receive, Submittable requires that we charge a fee. We have adjusted this to the minimum amount in NZD. We are a not-for-profit endeavour and we do all we can to support, promote, and celebrate our writers and artists. Since our launch in 2017 we have paid over 100 contributors from over 14 nations. So please consider your reading fee a way of helping to keep us alive. To submit without charge, and to further support Geometry, please become a subscriber.


I made a mistake in my submission. Can I withdraw and resubmit it?

Minor typos do not bother uswe have a copy-editing team and we provide our contributors with a chance to check over their work prior to publication. If you still wish to make changes, however, you can follow the Submittable guidelines here.


How do I submit to Geometry?

Please read our submission guidelines.

Have another question?

Feel free to ask in the form below. 

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